ABOUT : Sophie Lalonde Art Gaborone Botswana, Contemporary Art Gallery

About Sophie Lalonde Art

Sophie Lalonde Art is one of a small number of spaces dedicated to art in Botswana. Opening its doors in October 2013, it is Botswana’s first commercial and contemporary art gallery. The gallery dedicates its space to art from Botswana as well as the rest of Africa. Sophie Lalonde Art seeks to discover, encourage, and support the development of artists in Botswana. Sophie Lalonde Art is in partnership with Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sophie Lalonde Art holds a quarterly exhibition at De Beer’s International Headquarters, Botswana.

Sophie Lalonde Art has a strong relationship with the Kuru Art Project, D’kar, Botswana. The project assists indigenous people of the area to continue to preserve their cultures and traditions through art. We act as a representative of the project in Gaborone and assist in securing international exhibitions.